A healthy you = cash in your pocket

Lifestyle Rewards

Whether you sweat it out in the gym or prefer getting adrenaline pumping in the great outdoor your Lifestyle benefit basket will pay you for staying fit and healthy. Literally!

Gym Rewards

Agility Rewards Platinum members can gym themselves richer with our unique Gym Rewards that pay you to R12 000 per annum in fact.

Sport Fit Rewards

More the sporty type than a gym bunny? No problem, the Agility Rewards Platinum programme rewards you with up to R2 000 per annum when you participate in, and complete selected sporting events.

Health Check Rewards

We pay you up R4 050.00 every year, just for keeping a pro-active eye on your health.

*You can claim either the Golf Reward or the Education Rebate in any specific benefit year.

Chronic Rewards

You have access to the ONLY wellbeing and rewards programme that gives you cash incentives when sticking to your chronic medication programme.

Take your chronic medication 90% of the time and earn R1 000 per member, up to R4 000 per family of 4 every year

Take your chronic medication 80% of the time and earn up to R500 per member, up to R2 000 per family of 4 every year

Golf Rewards

You love a good round on the course with your friends, and it helps keep you in shape right? Now you can earn with every swing by simply playing 3 rounds of golf per month and we will reward you with R4 500 every year. Just send us the proof of payment for your membership at your club of choice and notify us when your reward is due (quarterly).


Please note: Cash-back rewards are available to Agility Rewards Platinum members.


Agility Rewards Platinum fees are as follows:

Member only: R207 per month

Member +1: R240 per month

Member +2 or more: R273 per month

Advanced Driver Training


Agility Rewards members receive 15% discount on selected Advanced Driver Training Courses.


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